Boxed Trees

Common Nursery Stock

24” box $185.00
30” box $385.00
36” box $495.00

On all 30” and 36” Boxes there is a 20.00 surcharge on delivery. Extra Labor is required. If having
multiple boxes delivered only ONE SURCHARGE will apply.

24“- $175

30″ box – $375.00
36” box – $500.00

*African Sumac
*Ash Trees-All Varieties
*Bird of Paradise-Reg&Giant
*Brisbane Box-Tristania
*California Pepper
*Carolina Cherry
*Chinese Pistache
*Chitalpa-Pink Dawn
*Crape Myrtle- All Varieties
E lm Tree
*Eucalyptus-All Varieties
Flowering Plum
*Italian Cypress
Magnolia Grandiflora
Orchid Tree
Poplar-All Varieties
Red Tip Photina Std.
*Silk Floss-Albizia
*Sycamore-All Varieties
Weeping Willow-Salix
White Alder
White Birch

24“- $195

30” Box – $400.00
36” Box – $515.00

*Acacia-All Varieties
*Agonis-Peppermint Tree
*Australian Willow
*Bay Tree
*Bottle Tree-Brachychitons
Bradford Pear-Pyrus
*Bronze Loquat
Carolina Cherry-Bright n Tight
*Chilean Mesquite
Ficus Nitida
*Gold Medallion
*Lemon Bottlebrush
*Maidenhair Tree-Ginko Biloba
Maple-All Except Japanese
Maple-October Glory
Oak-All Varieties
*Pine-All Varieties
*Podocarpus Henkelli
*Podocarpus Macrophyll
*Rhaphiolepis-Majestic Beauty
Sequoia-All Varieties
Tipu Tree
*Trumpet Tree
*Tulip Tree
Zelkova Tree

24“- $225

30” Box – $410.00
36” Box – $525.00

Flowering Cherry
Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Japanese Maple- Green
*Magnolia-All Except Grandiflora
*Mexican Bird of Paradise
*Olive Tree-All Varieties
*Palo Verde-Desert Museum
*Pistache-Red Push
*Redbud-All Varieties
*Smoke Tree-Cotinus
*Strawberry Tree-Arbutus

Boxed TreesBoxed TreesBoxed TreesBoxed TreesBoxed TreesBoxed TreesBoxed Trees

Japanese Maple
(red, coral and weeping):
24”- 250.00
30”- 475.00
36”- 650.00