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Southland Sod

Genuine Marathon Sod Prices

Sunshine Growers is an authorized dealer for Southland Sod Original Marathon. Fresh sod may  be picked up during regular business hours, off the lot sod is picked up on a first come first  serve basis.

Marathon I – Original .91 sq. ft. $4.55 per 5 sq. ft. roll
Marathon II – Dwarf .92 sq. ft. $4.60 per 5 sq. ft. roll
Marathon III – 8sq. ft. per roll 1.35 sq. ft. $9.20 per 8 sq. ft. roll
St. Augustine 1.70 sq. ft. $8.50 per 5 sq. ft. roll
Tiffgreen – Bermuda .95 sq. ft. $4.75 per 5 sq. ft. roll

Sod Delivered to Job Site/Home

Minimum order of 200 sq. ft. for Delivery of sod for following days-Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
1000 sq. ft. or more FREE DELIVERY –
Under 1000 sq. ft. there will be a delivery change.
200 sq. ft. – 495 sq. ft. – $100 Delivery
500 sq. ft. – 995 sq. ft. – $50 Delivery

Sod must be Paid in Full in Advance of Delivery of Sod. No Exceptions

Variety Cost
MARATHON I .77 per sq ft.
MARATHON II .79 per sq ft.
MARATHON III Lite 1.10 per sq ft.
ST. AUGUSTINE 1.45 per sq ft.
TIFFGREEN – BERMUDA .83 per sq ft.
NEW ZEON ZOSIA 1.53 per sq ft.
  1 lb 5 lb 25 lb
Marathon Grass Seed
MARA I 7.99 33.99 124.99
MARA II 8.99 35.99 144.99
MARA III 9.99 37.99 169.99
Bulk Seed
SUNSHINE 2.99lb 50lb  144.99
RED FESCUE 3.99lb 50lb  159.99
SHADY MIX 4.25lb 50lb  199.99