Bulk Materials


Colored Rock 1 cu. ft. bag $9.99 each

River Rock 1 cu. ft. bag $12.99 each

*If large quantities of bagged colored rock are needed. Call one of our 3 locations to make sure we have in stock, or we can bag to have ready to pick up.

Bulk Materials are Available for Pickup and Delivery with 5 Yard Minimum Local
TOPSOIL: Clean, sandy loam, used for building up soil level. FOREST MULCH: Forest mulch is a recycled wood product great for slopes, hills, and any landscape area.
COMPOST: Composted blend of organic matter, used to amend poor soils. GORILLA HAIR/SHREDDED MULCH: Gorilla hair ideal for planted for areas as a finished top dressing also used as insect and weed control, hold moisture& insulates roots.
HALF & HALF: half topsoil, half compost, used for filling planters and raised beds. SUNSET RED MULCH: Sunset red mulch is a dyed nontoxic reddish color bark perfect for accenting any garden/planted area.
70/30 MIX: 70% topsoil, 30% compost, used for sod prep when rototilling is not possible. CHOCOLATE CHIP MULCH: Chocolate chip mulch is a dyed nontoxic brownish color bark perfect for accenting any garden/planted area.
PLANTING MIX: Our blend of topsoil, compost, wood shavings, used in raised beds, containers and landscape. SUPREME WALK ON BARK: Walk on bark is ideal for use in planted areas, its shredded texture holds moisture and insulates roots
NURSERY BLEND: Special planter mix with 7 lbs. fertilizer mixed in. MEDIUM DECORATIVE BARK: Medium decorative bark with its natural reddish brown color is a premium bark to enhance any garden/planted area.
KELLOG’S CERTIFIED ORGANIC SEED TOPPER: Fine screened and ground organic compost for covering lawn seed and general landscape/garden.


1 Scoop
Half Yard
2 Scoop
One Yard
Topsoil 100% Pure Topsoil 13.50 25.00
Compost 100% Pure Compost 12.00 23.00
50 & 50 Mix 50% Topsoil/Compost Mix 15.00 27.50
70/30 Mix 70% Topsoil & 30%Compost Mix 17.00 27.50
Planting Mix Topsoil, Compost, Wood Shaving Mixed 18.00 35.00
Nursery Blend Planting Mix with 7 Lbs Fertilizer Mixed in 26.00 48.50
Kellogs Certified Organic Seed Topper Fine Screened Organic Compost 24.00 45.00
Forest Mulch Recycled Wood Chips 15.00 27.50
Gorilla Hair/Shredded Redwood 100% Virgin Forest Shredded Redwood 32.50 60.00
Sunset Red Bark Recycled & Virgin Forest Woods, Dyed with a Non-Toxic Natural Organic Mineral Pigment 27.50 55.00
Chocolate Chip Mulch Recycled & Virgin Forest Woods, Dyed with
a Non-Toxic Natural Organic Mineral Pigment
27.50 55.00
Supreme Walk on Bark Shredded Douglas Fir Bark and Bark Nuggets 35.00 68.00
Medium Decorative Bark 100%Virgin Forest Bark Douglas and Red
Fir 1” to 1 1/2” in size
38.00 74.00
Brown Bark 

65.00 125.00
3/4 Gravel & 3/8 Pea Gravel 27.50 52.00
Burgundy/Black Cinder Rock/Lava Rock 3/4” Burgundy Cinder Rock 44.00 85.00
Pink, Wine Country & Honey Quartz 3/4” Colored Rock 72.50 140.00
Gold 3/4” Colored Rock 65.00 125.00
Large Arizona River Rock 3/4” to 1 1/2” Smooth Round Mixed Colore Rock 85.00 160.00
Sunshine Tan Decomposed Granite 30.00 57.00
Plaster Sand


White Rock




DG7 YD12 YD18 YDRiver Rock7 YD12 YD18 YDCinder Rock12 YD25 YD37 YD

Topsoil 7 YD 16 YD 20 YD
Compost 15 YD 25 YD 50 YD
½ & ½ 10 YD 20 YD 27 YD
70/30 Mix 8 YD 18 YD 24 YD
Planting Mix 15 YD 25 YD 45 YD
Topper 15 YD 25 YD 50 YD
Sand & Gravel 7 YD 15 YD 20 YD
Bark 15 YD 25 YD 50 YD

Weight Per Yard

Topsoil .2,300 LBS LBS PER YD
Compost 950 LBS PER YD
50/50 Mix 1,650 LBS PER YD
70/30 Mix 1,900 LBS PER YD
Planting Mix 1,000 LBS PER YD
Nursery Blend 850 LBS PER YD
Kelloggs Topper 575 LBS PER YD
Forest Mulch. 400-500 LBS PER YD
Gorilla Hair 200 LBS PER YD
Sunset Red Bark 400-500 LBS PER YD
Mini Mulch 400-500 LBS PER YD
Medium Deco. Bark 400-500 LBS PER YD
3/4 Gravel 2,200 LBS PER YD
3/8 Gravel 2,300 LBS PER YD
Burgundy/Black Cinder Rock 1,300 LBS PER YD
Gold, Pink, Wine Country 2,100 LBS PER YD
Large Arizona River Rock 2,600 LBS Per YD
Tan D.G 2,700 LBS Per YD
Plaster Sand 2,300 LBS Per YD
*Weight Varies According to Moisture Due to transportation fees prices may vary between our locations.


FREE LOCAL DELIVERY within 10 miles
OUTSIDE AREA additional charges will apply.

TOPSOIL SPECIALS 14 Yards $375.00 20 Yards $450.00
15 Yards $325.00 25 Yards $490.00 40 Yards $850.00
6 ft. wide $1.25 per linear ft. • 15 ft wide $2.75 per linear ft. • 10% Discount For Full Rolls • 6X300 or 15X300 • 5” Staples .22C Each
To determine square footage, multiply length x width. Example: 10 x 10 =100 square feet. Decide how many inches you want to add and look in the left hand column for depth. Find the closest to your square footage. This will tell you how many yards to order.